Plan Overview

Volkswagen Credit will extend credit to foreign students who are enrolled full-time in a two-year or four-year accredited college.

Program Requirements

Applies to all foreign students who don’t have a social security number and no credit history.

Customer must be enrolled in a 2-year or 4-year accredited U.S. college or university pursuing one of the following degrees:

  • Associate’s
  • Bachelor’s
  • Master’s
  • Doctoral
  • Nursing degree (RN or LPN)

Eligible Programs

  • Retail Financing
  • Driver’s Option
  • Leasing

Eligible Vehicles

  • Any new Volkswagen
  • Volkswagen Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles (Retail Financing only)

Foreign Business Professionals Plan

Eligible Vehicles:

  • Any New and Near New Volkswagen (see Near New Vehicle Definition)
  • Volkswagen Certified Pre-Owned vehicles (Retail Financing only)

Eligible Programs:

  • Retail Financing
  • Driver's Option
  • Leasing


  • Letter from employer stating applicant's position, hire date, income and length of stay in the United States. Applicant must provide a contact name and phone number for someone in the Payroll or Human Resources Department of the applicant's employer or future employer
  • At the time of the credit decision, a copy of the applicant's United States Social Security card or copy of a letter from the Social Security Administration including the assigned Social Security number. This must be provided at the time of application
  • Copy of Visa with expiration date (with picture blacked out). For applicants who plan to extend their stay beyond the date shown on their Visa, we will accept the length of stay in the U.S. shown on the applicant's employment letter, employment contract, Permanent Resident Card, or I-94 form in order to determine the specific finance terms
  • Monthly payment may not exceed 25% of the gross monthly income
  • Minimum gross income of $45,000 per year
  • Verification of residence and phone number. *Qualification under this program is subject to verification prior to final approval and fundin