VW Dealer Northridge

VW Dealer Northridge

Award-winning VW dealer in Woodland Hills, in business over 40 years in the San Fernando Valley! Winn Volkswagen is proud to serve as your VW dealer for Northridge. It is easy doing business with us because we put customer service first. We want to earn and keep your business and with a high percentage of repeat customers--we know we can.

Why choose Winn Volkswagen?

  • VW Deals
  • Over 40 years in San Fernando Valley
  • Friendly, honest and family-owned
  • Wholesale VW dealer in San Fernando Valley
  • Serving as VW dealer for Northridge

You will be treated with respect, every step of the way at Winn Volkswagen by experienced employees that have worked here for a long time. There is no need for you to go through the car-buying process alone--and even after you leave our lot in a new vehicle, our job is not done. We offer great Volkswagen service that reminds you that you made the right decision. Winn Volkswagen is your VW dealer Northridge. Because we provide all of our services in friendly, fun way, many customers return to buy their second and third Volkswagens here.


Winn Volkwagen has the deals at VW Dealer Northridge where you can take one of our vehicles for a test drive, and see for yourself how our cars engineered in Germany stack up to the competition. At Winn Volkwagen Woodland Hills, we are committed to the customer and that doesn’t end at the purchase. We have one of the best warranty and care plans on the market to keep VW drivers on the road - all the VW Deals Northridge. Winn Volkwagen can be your VW dealer near Northridge. Winn VW Woodland Hills is the #1 rated by customers in the San Fernando Valley. They love our streamlined leasing process that can have you in and out of our great dealership from start to finish. Our great staff of highly trained Sales Professionals will quickly help you navigate the sales process and get you a great deal. We understand that you the customer is our greatest asset that is not to be taken lightly. So your just a couple of hours away from getting a great deal on your next vehicle. So contact us today.

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