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VW lease buy out options

Starting the new year 2020 Volkswagen North America no longer allows lease buy outs through VCI directly. So you may ask what are my options when it comes to buying out your leased Volkswagen if you live in the state of California.

Buy out without certification:

Yes you can buy out your current leased Volkswagen vehicle without getting it certified. However since you are buying you vehicle from a dealership there are some requirement that have to be met before you will be allowed to purchase your vehicle. The State of California requires all dealers ensure that your vehicle is safe before allowing you to purchase it from the dealers. This means the dealership is required to do a minimum safety inspection before you will be allowed to move forward with you purchase. Items such as emissions, brakes, tires, lights and windows have to pass inspection. We offer the customer two options. The first one we will allow the customer the opportunity to have those items repaired at an outside repair shop or if you choose to do so Winn VW Service Department can perform those repairs for you. The disadvantage of this as you are buying your car as is and most times have a higher interest rate because the vehicle is not certified. Your vehicle can either finance with Volkswagen Credit or an outside financial institution. Historically Volkswagen Credit has better rates compared to most Banks or Credit Unions. Now keep in mind there is an inspection fee plus the agreed residual value of your vehicle on your lease contract that is nonegotiable plus all taxes , license and registration fees that will be explained in your purchase contract.

Certified Purchase option:

There are many advantages to having your current leased Volkswagen vehicle Volkswagen Certified. First off is the 112 point inspection performed by Winn VW Service Department. If anything is found wrong with your vehicle during the Certification process mechanically it will be repaired at this time. Certification does not include repairing minor exterior damage or defects. All your vehicles services will also be brought up to date and all recalls repairs will be done at this time if they apply to your vehicle. You also get the peace of mind of having a 2 year 24,000 mile warranty that goes with your Volkswagen Certified vehicle. Now you may ask. What are the advantages of having your vehicle certified. I will list those advantages below.

  • 112 point safety inspection
  • 2 year 24,000 warranty
  • All vehicle services brought up to date
  • Lower interest rates available with Volkswagen Financial for Certified Vehicles
  • Warranty coverage is nationwide at all Volkswagen dealers

How to start the Lease buy out process:

Contact Winn Sales Department at (818)884-4444 for an appointment or fill out contact form.